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Indices Worksheet

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This document contains a worksheet for the indices rules. You can learn more about the indices rules in this entry posted on the home section: Indices Rules I will make the printable versions available soon, and this worksheet might be turned into an automated worksheet so that the questions are random.

Question 1: Multiplying and Dividing

  • Simplify each of the following expressions
    82 x 88
    67 ÷ 63
    52 x 57
    78 ÷ 79
    66 x 69
    37 ÷ 35
    46 x 47
    66 ÷ 63
    e4 x e9
    x9 ÷ x7
    n7 x n8
    x4 ÷ x5

Question 2: Brackets and harder expressions

  • Simplify the following expressions
    9x3 x 2x6
    5a2 x 9a3
    3a9 x 5a5
    3e8 x 3e9
    2x3 ÷ 8x6
    9a3 x 6a9
    \[ \frac{15x^6 * 18x^4}{9x^5} \]

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