Scale Drawing Worksheet

Scale Drawing Worksheet

Question 1 - Using drawings

  • The following pair shapes are scale drawings of each other. Use the given scale to work out the missing lengths
    50.3 cm y m 869 m x cm Sorry, your browser does not support inline SVG.
    Scale = 1cm = 10m

    160.6 cm y m 591.5 m x cm Sorry, your browser does not support inline SVG.
    Scale = 1cm = 7m


Question 2 - Working without drawing

Find the missing lengths in the following table.
ScaleReal lengthModel length
1cm to 5m15cm
1cm to 15m8.3cm
1cm to 7m168m
1cm to 36m198m
On a scale drawing, a rectangular room has width = 14cm and length =24cm. The scale is 1cm = 0.5m Workout the real area of the room in square metres. The floor is to be carpeted at a cost of 10.50 per square metre. Workout the cost of carpeting.

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